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SHORT Comic Review: Captain America Homecoming Issue #1















Captain America has and will always be my favorite Superhero and he returns in a new series titled “Captain America: Homecoming”. As a plot point Cap finds himself back in his hometown with Black Widow alongside. You learn a limited amount about Steve’ life before he became a hero in this issue. Several jokes abound the dialogue and helps to make the writing fresh and interactive with the reader.

Issue #1 is quite short, but offers an interesting story line that will keep the reader interested going in to future issues. The artwork continues to be top notch and contemporary. I’ve noticed in the past that there are quite few iterations of Captain America, and that keeps the character fresh year after year.

If your expecting to learn background information about Captain America before going to see the new film you need to look elsewhere. This issue is to further elaborate on the friendship between Captain and Black Widow, which is one of the best in comics today.

The beginning of this series shows promise for the future on the “Homecoming” series. If your wanting to jump into a new Captain America comic series then this would be a good way to start.


Captain America Homecoming Issue #1

4 out of 5



DC Comics Role In Film


Its been an amazing few years form the Marvel franchise. They’ve released some of the best films in recent memory and its all thanks to the creative minds behind the comics. DC comics haven’t had the same success in the film making market, but it looks like that could change and soon. But the real question is, at least in my mind, would it be smarter for DC to stick with TV and not focus on film? With new shows like “Gotham” and “The Flash” coming to television it seems as though their focusing on that market first. Is this a good idea? I truly think so.

Like Marvel: Agents of Shield it seems fans have been and will always be close followers of Television series. Sure you can have an a amazing opening weekend for a movie, but then that’s it. There is nothing really to build upon until the next film in the series. With television new ideas and new twists and turns can be made multiple times in a season and it keeps fans engaged year round. This in my opinion is better in theory. What do you think? Let us know in the comment section.

Check out the last DC Comics press release below. Interesting stuff. No matter what though, if you a comic book nerd then things continue to get better and better.

Until next time.

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St. Louis Comic Con

Its hard to believe that a year has passed since the last St. Louis Comic Con. Last years con was surprisingly my first Comic Con and I immediately fell in love. Even if you have no money to buy anything the atmosphere and celebrity panels are enough to merit buying at ticket to the event. There are plenty of things to do throughout the day and Wizard World does a great job of keeping each person at the event up-to-date with what is happening. I’m looking forward to snapping some pictures at this years event. Keep locked in here at Talking Nerd for those next weekend.

I find myself most excited for the Firefly cast. My wife and I just recently watched the only season of the show and fell in love with it immediately. Nathan Fillion, firefly captain, will be in attendance at the St. Louis Con this year and will offer an interesting look at the show and if he sees any future for the series.

Also this year I will be on the lookout for anything Captain America related. It should be interesting on Friday, as the new Captain America movie is officially out in theaters. Will this cause a drop in attendance for the show that night? I guess we will see.

Until next time friends.

For more information on the St. Louis stop of Comic Con click on the following link.

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Captain America: The Winter Soldier In Theaters April 4th


As Marvel enters into another season of movies from several acclaimed comic series it will be important for them to come out stronger than ever before with the new Captain America movie. Captain America is arguably the strongest, in terms of fiction for the Marvel universe and its important that that they provide an entertaining true to the comics film. With a great cast at the helm there is little doubt that it will be anything less. Check out the latest trailer above and get set for April 4th. We will have our first mini review of the film coming up opening weekend.