St. Louis Comic Con

Its hard to believe that a year has passed since the last St. Louis Comic Con. Last years con was surprisingly my first Comic Con and I immediately fell in love. Even if you have no money to buy anything the atmosphere and celebrity panels are enough to merit buying at ticket to the event. There are plenty of things to do throughout the day and Wizard World does a great job of keeping each person at the event up-to-date with what is happening. I’m looking forward to snapping some pictures at this years event. Keep locked in here at Talking Nerd for those next weekend.

I find myself most excited for the Firefly cast. My wife and I just recently watched the only season of the show and fell in love with it immediately. Nathan Fillion, firefly captain, will be in attendance at the St. Louis Con this year and will offer an interesting look at the show and if he sees any future for the series.

Also this year I will be on the lookout for anything Captain America related. It should be interesting on Friday, as the new Captain America movie is officially out in theaters. Will this cause a drop in attendance for the show that night? I guess we will see.

Until next time friends.

For more information on the St. Louis stop of Comic Con click on the following link.

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