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Review: Captain America Winter Soldier (Directors Cut) #1


With the release of the new Captain America movie this weekend it seems only fitting to dive into Captain America comics. There are many great story arcs found on store shelves today and many that I would recommend. Among those we find, new this week (April 2nd), Captain America: Winter Solider Directors Cut #1.

This comic book offers a variety of different things that you wouldn’t normally find in a trade paperback.

In its contents you find not only the story pages, but also an artist interview with Ed Brubaker. In this five page spread we learn a lot about who he is as an artist. There’s a question/answer section as well that brings up interesting facts about his vision of Captain America. Its a rare treat to see the original script written for a comic book. Here we get to read what Brubaker intended for the final product. If your interested in venturing to write for DC or MARVEL then this is a great go-to guide to see how comic scripts are written.

The story, as Marvel.com states, The Red Skull lays the groundwork for his most devastating attack ever on Captain America and the land he holds dear — and with the Cosmic Cube in his possession, how can Cap hope to stop him? Find out in the shocking twist-ending you won’t see coming.

The artwork is top notch and offers a bit of a darker tone then what we would normally see in Captain America. The use of darker tones, but then being highlighted later with lighter tones really works in its favor and gives an awesome variety of the story Brubaker is trying to convey. Captain America looks tough and that is brought to the forefront of many panels seen throughout.

I cant say much about the story at this point without giving something away. All i’ll say is that there’s a great twist found that changes the world of Captain America entirely.

Reading this comic will in no way affect your experience with the new movie, but for $4.99, Captain America Winter Soldier (Directors Cut) #1 is a well polished story that will continue to leave fans wanting more.

This is a must buy.

4 out of 5


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